Let’s Pretend it’s Science Chapter 1, Update 1

After one week under the lighting set up 5 of the 6 plants appear to be flourishing.one-week

Okay so it is very early days yet but the plant under the 9 Grow emitters seems to be significantly lagging behind the others. I expect it is simply a bit of transplant shock, at least I hope so, since I already bought a bunch of these for my next project. (I am planning to try and build a light with 90 emitters) The plant under the 6 Grow and 3 Red emitters is doing well and that gives me some hope that I haven’t completely wasted the money spent on the grow emitters.

To answer a question I’ve had a couple times, these LEDs and their power supplies were all sourced via ebay from china. The main criteria in the decision making process was price. The LEDs are all “3Watt” LEDs and the drivers are constant current drivers rated to handle up to 18 3Watt chips wired in series at a current of 650mA.

I plan to post a more detailed build explanation in the near future… (but I am going to have to make sure that I am not wasting my time with the grow emitters)



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